Thursday, 7 June 2012

My opinion on fake nails!

Hey Guys!

Ever since I started doing nail art I have never really been interested in wearing fake nails because i could always just paint my own nails instead! But last week I went to a party for one of my friends birthdays and so I did 2 of my other friends nails for it the night before so because I knew I that I wouldn't have any time to do my own nails then I decided that I would finally try fake nails!

I had always heard that they can really damage your nails due to the glue that you need to use (but I;m not entirely sure that this is fact or not!). So I decided to Google whether or not you could simply use a top coat to apply then to which I found that you could but however they wouldn't understandably last as long as they would if you had used glue. And they really didn't lie! Haha! I stuck them on during the day a few hours before the party adn when I first stuck them on they felt SO strange and it took me a good few hours before they felt any sort of normal!
When I got to the party for a few hours they were fine but after, I would say Midnight (and admittedly, a few drinks! Ha!) they started to fall off and to be honest were just such a hassle! constantly having to watch what I was doing just in case another fell off and also after I had lost one I felt so self concious that people were looking at my missing nail!
But this may be my fault because I was thinking about it after it happened and maybe I just sized them wrong but im not sure because I did actually take my time!

So to conclude my fake nail experience I think from now on  I'll just make the time to paint my natural nails and the worst case scenario would be that on a night out they chip a tad rather than coming off completely! But anyways I'll include photos of what they looked like because I did really love the design!
 P.s. Sorry for the rant but I wanted to share! Ha!

I hope you all liked my rant!!

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