Monday, 30 January 2012

Black Triangles!!

I was watching Rihanna's new video for You da one and I really liked the nails that she was wearing. I then was looking through Nailporn Nails Tumblr when I saw some really good photos of them so last saturday when I was heading out to a gig and I wanted to add something easy and simple on top of a nice silver base that I had borrowed from one of my friends the night before! This was done simply by using cellotape. But I was in such a rush that I didn't wait for the black to try so it's a bit raggidy and the triangles are not exactly perfectly triangular. But I've had so many compliments on these nails and for them being so simple it's really nice to hear! Haha!

Here's a link to the NailPorn Tumblr if you haven't seen it already. If not then I strongly suggest that you go have a look I love looking through this Tumblr!

Hope you like them!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What I actually did while I took a break!!

I know I previously said that I didn't really do anything worth posting during that break but I kind of did!
The first one I did was a full set of press on nails that I painted for a friend for Christmas, I also did another set for her mum too which were red glitter and gold polka dots which looked lovely but I forgot to photograph them and then I also painted a set for another friend which had a gold base and black leopard print which looked so nice too but again I didn't photograph them!! I also know that the quality of the photo is rubbish but it was only ever taken to show my friend what she was getting and to see if they were ok for her and they had everything she asked for!

Then the next design was just a spur of the moment decision. I went to the pub with my big sister and her Fiance to watch the Old Firm game on the 28th of December and I needed to do my nails. I'm pretty sure that no one will know what the Old Firm is so I shall explain! Ha! I'm from Glasgow and the football team that I support is Celtic! Their rival team from Glasgow is Rangers and both teams are collectively known as the Old firm so in essence an Old Firm game is simply a Derby game against two rivla teams! Anyway! Celtics top is green and white hoops and so I used these colours in my design and although I didn't use stripes which probably would have been better I chose to do leopard print with a green tip and white base so they went well with the pub we went to and Celtic colours too!

I really do hope that you all like this, and I know that you might be getting a bit frustrated that I've posted so much leopard print this past while but I just love it so much and it is seriously my favourite design to do. But out of fairness and my love of you guys I will try my hardest to stop posting so much leopard print stuff in future! I promise!! Ha!

Aztec/Tribal Nails!

After the Zebra print nails I tried I was feeling kind of 'brave' if you could call it that! Haha! So I gave Tribal nails another go. It may be simple but I love the colours, as you might have already guessed as I've used them in the last few posts since I've been came from time away! I love the simplicity of this design and it reminds me of the Summer which with the cold weather here in Scotland I can't wait for Summer!!

Hope you like them!!

Zebra Print!!

I finally decided to suck it up and give zebra print a try! I know it's not the best but I actually quite like it and I found that for me using the brushes that come with a nail art pen are so much more affective as opposed to using a small brush! So I'll probably update this in the very near future to show the difference between the two. I found that using a longer brush give a better and thinner tip to the stripe which I think look a lot more realistic! So nw hopefully when someone asks me to do a zebra print for them then I won't shy away from it!

Hope you like it!!

Simple Colours!

I had a small amount of time to do my nails and so I wanted a quick and easy design. When I go for a simple design I always seem to decide on lines or stripes. These, in my opinion anyway, look so nice on nails and there is absolutely no restriction on direction of the lines or the colours you can use and so I think that this is why I normally just go back to stripes and lines time after time. I really liked the ring finger as it kind of looked like a green and white tiger! Which got me thinking about another design that I really wanted to try becasue a friend asked me if I would paint it on her nails but I didn't really know how to so she chose something else instead. So this will be for my next post when I get a chance to post itand now hopefully I'll be able to do them for her in the future!

Hope you like them!

I'm Back!

Hi guys!

First of all a wee apology! I know I've been away for what seems like forever but I'm back and am ready to post lots! I was just taking an extended break from doing anything worthy of a post for a while due to exams and going out with friends and stuff but uni starts back on Monday (30th) so I'm trying to get back into a routine of posting again! It also took me a while to get my right hand use to doing nail art which was seriously the most frustrating thing ever! Ha!

Anyways! I decided that I wanted to try out more things that I had seen and had previously thought I wouldn't be able to do and so I started with roses! These, to me, looked way too complex for someone of my standards but once I had a little go at painting them in my notebook then being able to do them on my nails was pretty easy, which really surprised me, I would still like to get better at them but for me at a first attempt I think they're not too bad at all!

Ohh yeah and just another wee thing to note, I entered into the OPI Nicki Minaj competition that was held this week and last week when I took a break from studying. I didn't win and I didn't expect in a million years that I would ever win. I only entered it for fun but I thought you would like to know!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

My new case!!

Hi guys!

I know I said that I wouldn't be posting for a while due to studying but to be honest I am a HUGE procrastinator and so I decided to organise a few things about my room and my nail polish stuff was one of the first things that I wanted to get sorted.
I got a massive set of Soap and Glory stuff from my mum and dad for Christmas which had a nice big case. This was ideal for my nail polish so I changed and organised my nail polishes from my original tool box that my dad, thoughtfully, bought for me when I started doing nail art.

I'm really not the girliest of girls by any stretch of the imagination but I just felt like a change and this case is just so cute, I had to use it!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Just a wee update!

Hi guys! I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year!! I hope that 2012 is a brilliant year for you all! and i also hope that you all had a good Christmas/Holiday! I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about posting here I have just been having family time over the holidays and for the next two weeks I will be busy studying for the exams have at uni. I will try my hardest to post new designs but I can't promise anything seeing as I have to study as much as I can to have a hope in passing!:-P So until I get finished with my exams I shall speak to you all as soon as possible! Have a good couple of weeks guys!