Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Simple Colours!

I had a small amount of time to do my nails and so I wanted a quick and easy design. When I go for a simple design I always seem to decide on lines or stripes. These, in my opinion anyway, look so nice on nails and there is absolutely no restriction on direction of the lines or the colours you can use and so I think that this is why I normally just go back to stripes and lines time after time. I really liked the ring finger as it kind of looked like a green and white tiger! Which got me thinking about another design that I really wanted to try becasue a friend asked me if I would paint it on her nails but I didn't really know how to so she chose something else instead. So this will be for my next post when I get a chance to post itand now hopefully I'll be able to do them for her in the future!

Hope you like them!

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