Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What I actually did while I took a break!!

I know I previously said that I didn't really do anything worth posting during that break but I kind of did!
The first one I did was a full set of press on nails that I painted for a friend for Christmas, I also did another set for her mum too which were red glitter and gold polka dots which looked lovely but I forgot to photograph them and then I also painted a set for another friend which had a gold base and black leopard print which looked so nice too but again I didn't photograph them!! I also know that the quality of the photo is rubbish but it was only ever taken to show my friend what she was getting and to see if they were ok for her and they had everything she asked for!

Then the next design was just a spur of the moment decision. I went to the pub with my big sister and her Fiance to watch the Old Firm game on the 28th of December and I needed to do my nails. I'm pretty sure that no one will know what the Old Firm is so I shall explain! Ha! I'm from Glasgow and the football team that I support is Celtic! Their rival team from Glasgow is Rangers and both teams are collectively known as the Old firm so in essence an Old Firm game is simply a Derby game against two rivla teams! Anyway! Celtics top is green and white hoops and so I used these colours in my design and although I didn't use stripes which probably would have been better I chose to do leopard print with a green tip and white base so they went well with the pub we went to and Celtic colours too!

I really do hope that you all like this, and I know that you might be getting a bit frustrated that I've posted so much leopard print this past while but I just love it so much and it is seriously my favourite design to do. But out of fairness and my love of you guys I will try my hardest to stop posting so much leopard print stuff in future! I promise!! Ha!

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