Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I'm Back!

Hi guys!

First of all a wee apology! I know I've been away for what seems like forever but I'm back and am ready to post lots! I was just taking an extended break from doing anything worthy of a post for a while due to exams and going out with friends and stuff but uni starts back on Monday (30th) so I'm trying to get back into a routine of posting again! It also took me a while to get my right hand use to doing nail art which was seriously the most frustrating thing ever! Ha!

Anyways! I decided that I wanted to try out more things that I had seen and had previously thought I wouldn't be able to do and so I started with roses! These, to me, looked way too complex for someone of my standards but once I had a little go at painting them in my notebook then being able to do them on my nails was pretty easy, which really surprised me, I would still like to get better at them but for me at a first attempt I think they're not too bad at all!

Ohh yeah and just another wee thing to note, I entered into the OPI Nicki Minaj competition that was held this week and last week when I took a break from studying. I didn't win and I didn't expect in a million years that I would ever win. I only entered it for fun but I thought you would like to know!

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