Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I found the last Golden Ticket!!

Hey Guys!!

I wanted to show you another nail polish that I bought recently that I love! It's the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Golden Ticket!

It's so pretty in any light but what I found was that it is a tad sheer with just one coat so for these photos I applied three coats! Having said that though I thought that one coat was actually pretty aswell! I think that this is a grown up glitter, if that makes any sense, and what I mean by that is that if you're unlike me and you want to have pretty nails but they're not to in your face then this is perfect! I suppose a better word would be that it is a subtle glitter because of the tone of it! I love the fact that it's subtle because it's a nice change from something so bold!!

I hope you all like this!!

Galaxy Nails: Take 2

Hey guys!

I know that I keep on saying that I'll be back with more designs but I haven't and I do apologize about that but I had to finish uni and then study for my exams so I found no time to post designs but i did take photos so I'm a tad back dated! which is in the process of being sorted out! So I have finished uni for he Summer which means that I can now spend more time on new designs!!

But for the time being I have another set of Galaxy Nails for you which I did on my own nails as opposed to doing them on fake nails and I loved this on my nails and I also got so many compliments on it!!

The thing I love about these types of designs is that I have never had one finger the looks the same and so they're always so varied and colourful! Because these nails were done with the exact same colours as before but they turned out so differently which I love!

I hope you all like these!!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Realistic vs Colourful!

Hey Guys!!

I have been doing leopard print nails for a while now and this design has become one of my favourites but I realised that I have always chosen really bright colours! And so I decided that I would do a more realistic colour choice to see if I liked it or not. And after I painted it I decided that I really like it (even though it isn't fully realistic because I sponged on some gold to make it a bit less flat! Ha!)
However because I love colour so much I do prefer mosr colourful leopard prints but I can appreciate the more realistic colour choice because it looks a lot more grown up and understated compared to the bright colours!

What do you think? Do you prefer the more colourful colour choices or the more realistic ones?


I hope you all like this!! 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sponged leopards!

Hi Guys!

I was looking through Tumblr the other day and I came across this photo: http://hausoflacquer.com/post/21447639027/liked-the-color-combo-on-this-topshop-shirt-so-i
and I fell in love with it so I wanted to try it out for myself using different colours!

I hope you all like this!!

I mustache you a question!

Hi Guys!

I love wee cartoon Mustaches and so I drew a couple for you guys! Simple as that really! Ha!

I hope you all like these! 

Gradient Leopard Print!!

Hey Guys!
I wanted to apply the gradient thing onto one of my favourite designs and I think it turned out really well! I will be wearing this lots nad lots this Summer but changing the colours!
I only tried this out with pinks and blues but I'm interested to see what it would look like in other colours and I'll be sure to upload photos of other colours when I do them!

I Hope you all like this!!

Gradient Nails Take 2!

I wanted to try gradient nails again, this time using three shades rather than two, which was what I tried previously! I think these worked out so much better than my first try!

I hope you all like these!