Monday, 2 April 2012


Hi guys!

I know I don't normally do these kind of review things but I loved this nail polish so much that I had to show you!
The Models Own Beetlejuice collection has been around for a good few months now and so I'm sure that there will be a million reviews on it but I've been meaning to put in an order ever since it came out but it was always sold out whenever I went to purchase it which just goes to show you how popular it has become and rightly so in my opinion! And so when my sister and her fiance got me a bottle of it as part of my birthday present (I turned 20 which means I'm no longer a teenager! I am so sad about this! :P) then I was so excited and I couldn't wait to try it out!
When I put the first coat of it on it looked a tad brown but still pretty but in my experience with this nail polish I needed to apply 3 coats in order to resemble how the polish looks in the bottle which, for me, isn't a huge problem it just means more drying time but not much more!
I also think that this collection of nail polishes are perfect for the sunny weather that's hopefully coming in the Summer because they look so pretty in the sun! :D

In all honesty photos really don't do this polish justice! It looks different and changes in every light and it's so shimmery it's unbelieveable!
So I really strongly recommend that if the Beetlejuice collection is avaliable to you to buy that you try it out!
I hope this review was ok as I've never really done one before!

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